Sell Astrology & Tarot Readings.

Astrology & Tarot content for your website includes fascinating FREE personal samples for your visitors with follow-up sales of Astrology and Tarot readings featuring Personal Character Analysis, Future Forecasts, and Relationship Compatibility.

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Astrology Affiliate Scheme

Our advanced astrology affiliate system provides you a white label store just for your site or app.

We pay a commission on every sale, and all repeat customers always return to your branded site.

We handle delivery and all customer support. So, with our automated delivery system, there is no work from you needed

Just enjoy a new revenue stream!

Why open an Astrology Store?

Besides the new revenue stream, here some of the extra benefits:

Free Content:

Offer your visitors free personal mini-readings. To allow them to assess the quality of the content before they purchase any of the full-length readings.

Also, we provide them with unique gifts, like their revealing Astrology Birth Chart Wheel and Planet Aspect List.

20+ Astrology Readings:

An Astrology report expands on a regular generic star sign horoscope, as seen in newspapers and magazines. It personalizes it from 1 in 12 of the population to create a detailed individual reading for just one person!

Using the Date, time, and place of birth, we can create unique readings for your visitors.

We have a wide range of astrology readings covering every topic, from the future, relationships and dating, and a range of personal understanding readings, including career analysis.

Plus, we also include a collection of Tarot readings, which allow the user to pick their cards and reveal an interpretation.

Email List Building:

Our products genuinely help with valuable email list building. Visitors will want to give you their email address to access their free reading samples.

Tools For Marketing:

To help you earn even more commissions from repeat customers, we send personalized follow-up emails to recommend more relevant readings.

To create your landing pages and add the order process. Just copy and paste a single line of code to use our embeddable forms.

The forms allow you to tailor the sales process for your visitors using your marketing expertise.

Integration Options


Ready-Made Store

This option is a complete website store that requires zero effort or changes to your existing website.

Just add links to your existing site to get promoting.

Set up your new store to match the color scheme of your website. And include your logo as branding.

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DIY Store

DIY Store

This option allows you to embed the ready-made order forms for our products directly into your existing website.

We provide you with the sales text as a starting point, and the code needed from the forms. You are free to design your own layout and pages.

Plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting from different places. Whether starting a new website or growing an existing one, we have a plan for you.

Our starter plan allows you to get going with zero commitment and no credit card details. Pick an advanced store plan for a larger revenue share and extra powerful tools.

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Everything you need to get going

  • 35% Commission
  • 20+ Astrology Readings
  • 12 Tarot Readings
  • Daily Moon Watch
  • Email List Collection


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Astro + Tarot

Extra Astrology Features

  • 50% Commission
  • 20+ Astrology Readings
  • 12 Tarot Readings
  • Daily Moon Watch
  • Email List Collection

$295 / year

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Email list access

  • 60% Commission
  • 20+ Astrology Readings
  • 12 Tarot Readings
  • Daily Moon Watch
  • Email List Collection

$795 / year

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