We've got A's for your Q's

How will you pay me?

Revenue share paid monthly in arrears at the rate of your store plan.

We make payments to you via PayPal as soon as you have £100 of revenue.

How are commissions calculated?

We pay NET of all currency conversion and credit card fees. We display all these amounts in your store admin.

Refunded payments made to clients and any subsequent related fees incurred are deducted from the total monthly amount of revenue share.

Each month we calculate your sales and pay a bonus commission depending on sales from 50% to 80%.

Can I change the prices?

No, We take payments and set prices.

We automatically detect and display the local currency for visitors.

Will my store get new features?

Yes! Your plan includes all planned upgrades: new reports; free sample content.

Can I export a list of emails?

Yes, subscribe to our Marketer plan for full access to all email addresses collected.

Tell me about customer service?

We help every store customer directly for you.

Users can easily update their readings if their birth details need to be adjusted.

Still have questions?

Contact us here and we will be happy to help.